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Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

As your business grows, it becomes more and more difficult to manage complex telecommunications services. How do you know if you're making the right decision? Even if you consider it as cost of doing business, there is no reason to spend more than you really need. ICS helps manage those services, so you can get what you need and pay what you should.

Expert Analysis

ICS will gain a solid understanding of your business processes, applications, and existing infrastructure. What is your company’s strategic goals, pain points and budget contraints? We will analyze your current telecommunications monthly spend, evaluate bandwidth utilization, work and call flow. We then will redesign your network, consolidate circuits, introduce sip trunking and create a disaster recovery plan that will support your business needs. ICS has the industry expertise, global partnerships and embraces the latest technology to streamline your communication requirements. We use a consultative, unbiased approach and offer you hands-on support.

Analyze your current IT monthly spend
Evaluate bandwidth utilization, work and call flow
Redesign your network
Consolidate circuits
SIP trunking
Create a disaster recovery plan
Fortify firewall and security

TEM Benefits

Today many companies waste resources and overpay on their telecom expenses. TEM is a proven and efficient way to identify the overspending patterns, reduce cost, and create a plan that will maximize the effectiveness and recuce cost.

Control costs and avoid unplanned budget spending.
Streamline your operations
Strategic financial planning

In just first year, reduction of your total telecom spend can be as high as 25%. Because a quality TEM system automates the invoice handling and audits their every line item, you will be able to see and control costs in efficient way.

TEM benefits also include dispute management and resolution, provisioning management, usage management and business reporting to help you reduce expenses, and increase productivity.

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