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Premise Based Phone Systems

Does your current phone system allow your business to operate in it's maximum potential? Is your phone network up at all times, or you're experiencing hiccups in it's performance? Due to some excellent recent technological improvements to the Voice and Data services World-wide, ICS can help your organization benefit from upgrading to new and improved phone system, and fine tune it to a perfection.

Voice/PRI Services

Traditional voice/PRI will bring you reliability, and by connecting to an existing PBX it will save you from additional spending. The complete digital technology will significantly improve the quality and speed. The ICS experts are standing by and ready to help you with any possible solution that can help you streamline your operation.

SIP Trunking

By enabling your end point's PBX to send and receive calls via internet, and combining your voice and internet into a single, highly reliable and secure line of data transfer, you can practically unify your communications by using your existing network. Contact ICS today to explore the best way how to improve your business communications!

Features and Benefits

Two Different Types of Dial Tone Service
You can have additional lines as SIP trunks delivered over the Internet, so in case one type of your service goes down, you would still be able to make and receive calls from your other system.

Lower Cost On Some Features
Many VoIP providers charge extra for some features, like multiple attendants, call queue, or music on hold. With premise based systems these features can be incorporated at no additional cost.

Greater Control
Owning your own PBX (business phone system) allows you to have total control over its use and operation. Making changes to the system or changing VoIP providers is easier and can be quick to do.

Signaling Over LAN Instead the Internet
Transferring calls from one extension to another in the office the phone switch in the closet on premise makes that happen. All the signaling occurs locally just feet away instead of miles.

Premise Based Phone Systems

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