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Data Center Services

Upgrade your entire network, and take that next step toward multi-cloud, featuring a consistent end-to-end security, from the data center to the business edge. ICS approach allows workloads to run wherever you need to meet your economic or performance requirements, while helping you seize a huge variety of opportunities such as improved customer experience, increased agility, and greater support for growth-driving innovation.

Hosting or Colocation Services

ICS helps you never hold back by the capacity of your data center. When you need more resource, our partners will provide the virtual and physical hardware, and attach it to the precise tier of storage you require with maximum cost effectiveness. Our co-location services let you retain control of system management while continuing to benefit from the rapid availability of additional storage.

Hosting Services
Managed Server
Managed Database
Managed Security
Managed Storage
Managed Network
Managed Application and Middleware Server
Managed Web Server

Disaster Recovery

ICS partners have a complete IT business continuity solution that protects and restores data, servers, or entire data centers from a natural or man-made disaster. We back up and replicate your system, so in case of outage we can recover it locally, or in our cloud so you can continue to operate even before your system is restored. ICS will protect any physical or virtual system in any environment and in any location.


When it comes to hardware solutions there are many companies competing for your business, but knowing which one is right for you depends upon many factors. With years of industry experience, education and technical training, ICS has the knowledge and partnerships to help you make the right decision for your business. We are a certified provider with an extensive network of manufacturers which means that you benefit from our access to leading-edge technology that will help your enterprise meet goals and reach its potential.

Application Services

Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite
Enterprise Mobility Management
Managed Oracle Suite
Managed Microsoft Exchange
Managed Microsoft Dynamics
Managed IBM Notes, Domino
Custom Application Development and Management

Infrastructure Services (IaaS)

IaaS can be delivered as a fully managed service or as a self-service platform. Both methods can help enterprises take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the Cloud, without sacrificing functionality.

Desktop Services (DaaS)

Virtual desktop solutions can help enterprises address the challenges of desktop administration and management.

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