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ICS was founded in 2007, with the vision of providing companies with a seamless transition from traditional phones systems to VoIP (Voice over the internet protocol). During this time, companies had two separate roles of responsibilities: telecom engineer who managed the phone system and an IT manager who managed the network. In most organizations, the two departments did not communicate with each other.

Our Founder

CEO and Founder, Diane Cummings has over two decades of industry experience. Her dedication and focus to keeping up with the changing trends has positioned her as a valuable asset to guide clients in the right direction.

Prior to founding ICS in 2007, Diane worked as a consultant to businesses by helping them build a solid infrastructure using the most current technologies. By streamlining processes and consolidating services, she added value to her clients through increased productivity and cost-savings.

Diane's drive and vision have paved the way to the ICS company philosophy. ICS prides itself on continually educating its employees on the evolving industry. We invest heavily in training and certifications, which empowers our employees as consultants in the ever-changing climate. Our clients rely on our expertise to accurately advise their unique business needs while staying current with the latest technologies.

Diane Cummings, Founder of ICS

Over a Decade of Industry Experience
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Unbiased Consultative Approach
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They are just the type of partner you love to work with. So professional and thorough

Donna Johansen, AT&T

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